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Mazama Compression and Running Shorts - Black/Corsica

Wear these under your shorts or by themselves for high-level compression that will keep your legs feeling fresher longer.

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The Mazama Compression shorts are made from the nicest Nylon Lycra we could get our hands on. Imported from Italy, this material contains 29% genuine Lycra, so it fits well, stays in place, and provides excellent compression to keep your legs feeling fresh and to speed recovery after an intense workout. We've included an over-sized pocket in the back with enough room for a large phone, energy bars or gels, or whatever else you might want to take along on a long run. Wear them on their own or as a compressive, base-layer under shorts. Thin, breathable fabric makes these perfect for warmer weather.

7Reviews For Mazama Compression and Running Shorts - Black/Corsica

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    These are some great compression shorts. I have used other brands and was skeptical about these but once I got a few runs in, they are now my favorite. They provide enough compression but not so much that I feel my stride is affected, they keep me cool and feel like second skin. Plus having a big back pocket is a must. I will be buying another pair of these soon and I like the colors they offer.

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    I run roads (70-90 miles/week) at a decent clip and this is my new favorite piece of gear. Great fit, amazing support, and ZERO rubbing or chaffing. I love the look too - those blue lines!
    They are a little revealing, but it's not terribly noticeable, unless you're close and staring straight at "it". I probably won't bother wearing underwear with them.
    Great product - Thank you!

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    Medium for me is little tight. (I am 33 inch waist, 160 lbs 5'9") Very nice workout pants

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    this is a premium product and does deliver as promised. The shorts are made so good they seem like the shorts will last forever. Compression is also good - no complaints here.

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    Nice produce. I ran a 50 miler in them and they were great. Nice amount of compression, fitting but not restricting.
    I measured out as a large on the waist and medium on the hips, so I bought the large. It was a good fit. I am 5'9.5 and 158lbs.
    Did take a gamble on these, with no prior knowledge of Bioskin. I had terrible chaffing with my normal running shorts after my final 30 miler in training so I bought these in the days leading up to my race. I wore them almost continually to break them in and make sure that they would work for 8 hours. Cannot talk about how long they will last, I have probably only put 70-80 miles in them.
    They do come up quite high. Took a while to make sure everything was where it was meant to be.
    They do feel different to other compression wear that I own. A matt finish and feel, not shiny or smooth. I wear them without anything on top and they are modest enough. Was concerned with the potential moving of the striping on the leg causing chaffing, so I body glide the inside but so far it has not been an issue.
    Finished the 50 miler in just over 7:30 and had no issues with my quads or hammies; not sure how much I can credit the shorts for that.

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    I don't usually write reviews, but since these running compression shorts had no reviews I thought I would give it a go. Also, this review is totally my own and I received no coaching/incentive for it.

    I do a lot of running, and while these are a bit on the expensive side, they are well worth the price. For years I have worn primarily Under Armour compression shorts and a few other brands. I decided to try BioSkin's after having a good experience with another of their products. In comparison, the first thing I noticed was BioSkin's shorts have more structure to the weave than any other compression shorts I have used. I like this because while other compression shorts have compression, most of them supply it almost entirely via inwoven elastomers. Conversely, BioSkin integrates weave rigidity along with elastomeric material -- at least on these particular compression shorts. For instance, I found the structure prevents any ride-up and shifting of the compression shorts during extended use, and the elastic quality ensures everywhere is under compression. To me, this makes a big difference in user experience. Additionally, the fabric is thick and rigid enough that I can wear them on their own without feeling exposed

    The only drawback I've encountered is when I run with both my keys and phone in the pocket, the back pulls down slightly after a while. This can be prevented using the drawstring (which I initially thought was superfluous) and is most likely because I am on the slim side of medium.

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    Really wonderful garment! Thank you!

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